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YELP Reviews


    Lumei X.

    Los Angeles, CA

    Aug 25, 2018

    During the session while Gloria was working on me, ecstasy passes through the points where her fingers landed. It's like eventually my problems were tended to, which made my eyes watery unconsciously.

    Her hands were like no one else's that I have felt before. I'd describe it as micro-touching. It was magical, I felt that my skull is actually moving and twisting!

    After the treatment I couldn't believe what had happened to me. For several days there were periods of extreme exhaustion followed by extreme lightness. It's like my body decides it must take a nap and my mind can not override it.

    Also there were periods of being overly emotional, but now two weeks after, I'm feel free of any kind of emotional distress. They just come and go without me grasping on anything. Plus, flowers seem more vivid and delightful. And yes, I did get increasingly thirsty as was expected.

  • Marie B. 

Gloria is truly a gifted healer. I was visiting LA and thought I would get a treatment. I found her on Yelp. I felt amazing after the treatment which helped with the physical pain I was experiencing. I wish she would move to Seattle! 

During the treatment she facilitated a talk with my Higher Self upon my request, which brought forward some thought-provoking musings for me.

I highly recommend her services; she's a delight to meet and work with.



Gloria is wonderful. I was traveling through LA with a bad ankle and really needed to see a craniosacral therapist. She squeezed me in on short notice and did an astonishing job helping me. She may be the best, most focused CST practitioner I've ever seen, and based off just this one appointment, I'll definatelly be back if needed. Can't thank her enough.

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